With LMS integrations, Zapier support, and a fully-featured API, you can issue credentials from anywhere.

Learning  Management Systems

Our LTI support makes plugging into various LMSes and SISes painless.

We support most of the leading LMS platforms already. Look through the list below to find your school's platform. Don't see it? Contact us with your school's information and preferred LMS, and we'll work with you to add support before your next issue date.

Zapier Integrations

Connect to Slack, Google Sheets, Gmail, Google Forms and more.

Zapier allows you to share credential information automatically as you issue batches. Use it to send credential links directly to recipients, save batch information in a spreadsheet, or more!

Trigger actions through Forms responses.

Send credential links, batch information, or other data to a spreadsheet.

Automatically email credential links to their recipients.

Automatically receive Slack messages for new credentials.

Trigger actions through file creations in Drive.

More Integrations

Use our API to setup custom connections with any application.  

Our fully featured API lets you to add integration to any platform. All partners receive full technical support and ongoing integrations assistance from our developers.

Schedule a Demonstration

Send us your availability and we will contact you to schedule a demonstration.