Healthcare records for real people

Replace your cumbersome health records with digital ones that physicians and patients can understand, share, and verify.

Fill gaps in communication with easy, secure record sharing

Stop wasting time printing, filing, and faxing. Shareable through emails, links, QR codes, and even print, our records allow you to connect physicians, patients, and others like never before, while maintaining compliance with GDPR and HIPAA.

Combine disparate materials into one simple package

Rather than sending a stack of documents, you can include all supporting materials—physician comments, imaging, reports, and more—directly on the digital records, adding context to each communication.

Put physicians and patients at ease with Blockchain verification

The stakes are high in healthcare. Our digital records include 100% fraud-proof verification, and with optional expiration dates and easy revocation, you can be sure that your records are accurate forever.

Vaccination Records don't need to be so complicated and costly. Solve all four of the most challenging vaccination record issues with our simple, effective, blockchain-verified credentials.

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