Verify Credentials credentials are all 100% fraud-proof. Below are three easy ways to ensure the validity of a credential. 

How do I verify?

Scan QR Code

Have a printed credential or PDF in front of you? Find and scan the QR Code with your phone or other smart device. It will take you directly to the credential page online. There you’ll be able to look for the checkmark.

Look for checkmark

If you’re on a credential page itself, look for the green “Verified” checkmark. It should appear to the left or below the credential itself. If you see an orange or red box instead, the credential might be expired or revoked.

Upload the .json file

To view and verify a credential .json file, enter it into the field below on this page. You can do this by either inputting the file’s URL if its online or by drag-and-dropping it from your computer if you have it downloaded.

Credential Verifier

Schedule a Demonstration

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